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After losing to the New York Knicks this past week, the Toronto Raptors have managed to make the NBA playoffs for the first time since the 2006-2007 season thanks to a loss by the Brooklyn Nets. After losing Rudy Gay early on in the season, this team has managed to turn itself around and is on track to become one of the best Raptors teams in franchise history.

With a couple more wins, this team will surpass the franchise mark of 47 wins set twice in 2001 and 2007.
It will be crucially important….


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Hello ladies and gentleman and Eddie, I know you’ve all been waiting long and hard for another post. Well, here it is…Sorry to keep you waiting!!!

Welcome to another edition of Hidden Gems, a segment where I showcase unknown classics/great finds to you, my audience. This week I want to introduce you to a classic Korean movie called Oldboy. Oldboy is an insanely good revenge story from Director Chan-Wook Park. IMDB currently has it rated as 72 out of the top 250 movies, putting it just ahead of movies like No Country for Old Men, Indiana Jones and The Wizard of Oz.

Why is this movie so good?

The acting is superb. Choi Min-sik’s portrayal of Oh-Dae su, a Korean businessman who is trapped in a hotel room for 15 years without knowing his captor’s motives is incredible. Choi Min-sik’s gritty and realistic depiction allows viewers to step into his shoes that much more easily – while making the surprise at the end all the better 🙂

Hit More for a video preview!

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Hello All,

I would just like to take a moment to inform you all that Robot Unicorns has just made it to the iPhone. Yes, if there was ever something to be grateful for it is this.  Can somebody build a statue of the inventor of this game already!!

BTW, I just realized that the person singing the Robot Unicorn song is a guy, lol.  It’s pretty freaky.  I have to admit I couldn’t watch the whole thing.  Hit the link below for the video, be forewarned it is not for the faint of heart.

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Let the Lost speculation Begin!

So, the last Lost episode debuted this past Sunday and it was pretty good.  But, I’m still trying to figure out what the hell it all meant.  Thankfully there are people who are smarter than me that can interpret it all.  Apparently, the flash sideways was not a flash sideways and most of the characters end up finding redemption.

But, what the hell did the island represent?  What was that light? Anybody have any clues?

Anyways, I can’t explain it, so I will leave you with an IGN video explanation from some fine folks who can.  No Jessica Chobot, sorry (I know I’m sad too).

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Breaking news: UFC will be opening a full-time office in Canada.  The office will be located in Toronto, Ontario and is expected to have 12-15 employees, similarly to its London counterpart.

Heading up the office will be Tom Wright, some of Mr.Wright’s stats:

  • President and CEO, Salomon North America (SNA) – the premier snowsports brand in the world
  • President, adidas Canada, subsidiary of adidas AG – the #2 sporting goods brand in the world
  • MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University, BPHE from University of Toronto
  • Commissioner, Canadian Football League 2002 – 2006

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Bosh’s Wish List Becomes Clear

According to an article from the Toronto Star which cites ESPN as a source, Chris Bosh has narrowed his list of potential suitors for the 2010 free agency market.

Those teams:  The Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, The New York Knicks and the Toronto Raptors.

The article also discusses LeBron James  and the impact his decision may have on  Chris Bosh’s choice.  If LeBron stays in Cleveland the market is wide open for Bosh, but if James decides to go to a certain team, Bosh may follow suit.

Let the guessing begin.

Personally, I believe that all of these teams would provide for some interesting scenarios for Bosh, but I believe that the three front runners for him are actually LA, Miami and New York.   Bosh has stated all along that he wants to play for a contender and those three teams would all provide for a great wing-man to partner up with Bosh.  In LA, he would get to play with Kobe, in Miami he would get to play with D-Wade and in New York he could play with LeBron.

Only time will tell.  What are your thoughts?  What team do you think Bosh will end up playing for?

Update: Bosh and his agent have denied these rumors…but, one has to think these teams are on the list considering their future potential/promise

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Hey Guys, Guess What?  I will be adding a new section to my blog entitled “Hidden Gems.”  Each week (hopefully) I will post, what I believe to be a Hidden Gem.  A Hidden Gem could be anything from games, movies, restaurants, shows or places so send in your ideas and I will post them here.

This week I will be talking about a game called Fantasy Online.  Fantasy Online is a Facebook game that is a mix between Zelda, Pokemon and every kind of MMORPG.  It currently has around 3,000 MAUs, but its DAU/MAU is pretty solid at around 25%.  Its also pretty funny.   Come check it out! What do you think?

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Are you a designer of an Arcade game on Facebook?

Well, let me point you towards two great Arcade examples on Facebook that could help you transform your business Bejeweled Blitz and Combustic.

Why are they good examples?

  1. They possess short play times – On a platform such as Facebook, most players don’t have time to play for long periods of time.  Having a one minute time limit lets people play once or several times if they want.
  2. They give players goals – Simple concept, get the highest score you can within the allotted minute, an easy challenge that can be highly addictive.
  3. They reset scores – Resetting the scores every week gives new players an accomplishable goal/challenge to achieve
  4. They sell upgrades/unlockables – By playing the game, you are able to earn coins that can be used to purchase upgrades which may lead to an even higher score.  They also give developers possible revenue opportunities.

So far, Combustic has not implemented virtual goods, but if they did they would provide themselves with great monetizing opportunities.

Have you guys played these games? Do you agree?

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UFC 113 Pre-Fight Predictions

In just one day at the Bell Centre in Montreal some of the greatest fighters in the world will be squaring off in the octagon at UFC 113.  Not only that, but several great Canadian fighters will also be representing the Red and White tomorrow.  So, for my loyal viewers and fight fans I have prepared and written some predictions for the evening’s upcoming battles.

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I’m on Twitter!!

I just created a Twitter account!!  Now what the hell do I do?

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